Vision :
The branch works to clarify its vision for students' familiarity with the Faculty of Medicine at Al Zahraa with basic medical information in the subject of human anatomy, histology and embryology as a cornerstone in the comprehension of clinical sciences, and the branch aspires to be a pioneer and distinguished in modern medical education relying on advanced scientific methods in undergraduate studies programs Continuing medical education, and to be among the branches of medical colleges capable of qualifying students with high competitive capabilities as a step for excellence in medical education and to contribute to scientific research to advance health services and participate in the community service .
Building an educational system based on high-quality educational programs that stimulate creativity and consolidate information by focusing on deep learning to acquire the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary for the future doctor to ensure the improvement of the educational process and the numbers of competitive doctors and the application of all professional ethics and social values in order to improve the health status of society, The branch also works on developing the scientific and professional capabilities of faculty members and scientific and cultural communication with scientific institutions locally and internationally

The anatomy branch aims to fulfill its mission by applying its vision of teaching modern human anatomy through:
1. Linking education in the anatomy branch to the basic health needs so that the doctor in the future will be able to identify and confront the health problems of the community through the modern integrated curriculum, which is the focus of the student mainly. For small groups of students, seminars, theoretical and practical exams, under the supervision of faculty members to develop the spirit of one team, provided that the student:
- Able to understand anatomical terms and use them correctly-
- Knowledge of the surface and internal anatomy of the human body
- Knowledge of the exact composition of the different organs and tissues of the body
- The student will gain in-depth information and experience in the applied, clinical and radiological aspects of anatomy.
- Knowing the natural process of human formation and the possible birth defects
2 Improving educational effectiveness through continuous development of study programs and plans, while taking all that is new
3 Developing the capabilities of faculty members to keep pace with the continuous development in medical education, developing educational resources and making the best use of them
4 Development of the scientific research environment and cooperation with local, regional and international institutions in the field of medical research to encourage faculty members to conduct medical research related to the specialty and publish it in scientific journals and relevant conferences
5 Expanding student participation opportunities and enhancing self-confidence for presentations, writing and reporting
6 Creating an academic environment that attracts distinguished faculty members.