The Physiology department (the Physiology department) is one of the most important basic departments of the Al-Zahraa College of Medicine, as it actively contributes to the graduation of qualified doctors who are able to serve the community in the health aspect and keep abreast of developments and in this field through its contribution to teaching various academic units according to the integration system adopted in the College of Medicine Al-Zahraa, in addition to teaching medical physics and computer scinece subjects. It is worth noting that the departmrnt received the prize of the ideal department for the year 2018-2019.
The department looking to be distinguish and pioneer by linking the basic and clinical sciences as physiology is the basis for medical sciences, and seeks to be within the higher ranks of academic teaching at the level of Iraq and whole world and to get accreditation
1. Reaching highest educational levels
2. Providing students with experience, information and skills in various educational stages, as well as medical physics and computer scince for first-stage students
3. Continue to do applied scientific research that help in solving the community health proplems and publish the reseaches in global
Journals with high impact factor
4. Participate in support and present health services through the work of the department's doctors in hospitals.