Centers & institutes

Information Technology Unit

It is the unit in charge of supervising technical issues at the level of the College of Medicine at Al Zahraa University at Basra University. Among its most important objectives are the following:

1. Complete all technical work assigned to the faculty and the latest technologies.

2. Managing the website of Al Zahraa College of Medicine.

3. Managing the e-learning process in all its categories (classroom, moodle).

4. Technically directing students to the means that raise their scientific level with modern technical tools.


Legal division

The functions of the Legal Division at AL-Zahraa College of Medicine includes the following:

1- To express a legal opinion on all matters and subjects presented to the division.

2- Participation in all investigation and audit committees of all kinds, temporary and permanent.

3- Carry out the duties of a notary in the matter of certifying the guarantees and decisions of the faculty members.

4- Participation in all cases and follow-ups directed by the Dean of the College.


Accounts Unit

The Accounts Unit performs the following tasks:

1. Review all transactions received from the Deanship, branches and other departments (purchases, advances, trusts, salaries, all expenses, etc. before sending them for auditing).

  2. Following up the budget sections and providing the credit in progress before purchasing.

  3. Preparing the college's estimated budget.

  4. Releasing the instruments for the completed and audited transactions.

  5. Follow up the schedules that are sent monthly to the university presidency.

  6- Follow-up funding from the university presidency and the cash flow with the bank.


Human Resources Division

For tasks performed by human resources:

1- Approval of the administrative staff after conducting the monthly administrative and financial audit

2- Working in the summer holidays program

3 - Regular and satisfactory vacations are arranged, in addition to calculating the allocated hours.

4- Supervising administrative correspondences at all levels

5- Complete the employee and teaching staff professional behavior form

6- Numbering the contents of personal files for all affiliates

7 - Complete the administrative orders for bonus and promotion

8 - Field coexistence with the Basra Civil Defense Directorate while following the monthly guard’s schedule

9 - Follow-up development work and maintenance in preparation for the reception of the new academic year.